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What is Minkle Fly?

Minkly Fly is a one of a kind mobile applications that allows you to book flight tickets using at the back-end while integrating social networking and location based service features in to a simple, intuitive and stunning user interface

What all kind of flights can I book using Minkle Fly?

Minkle Fly allows you to book one-way domestic flights for multiple passengers. Minkle Fly has been developed in association with, the leading online travel agency in India. Prices displayed on the mobile app are the same as those on . Tickets booked using Minkle Fly are delivered immediately via SMS, E mail and on the app as well, without any hassle

What is different about Minkle Fly?

Minkle Fly is the only app that allows you to store your flight details on the app itself The app also allows you to cancel flight tickets from the app directly Taking care of all your needs as a passenger, Minkle Fly also allows you to book a radio cab to drop or receive you from the airport on booking a flight via Minkle Fly Minkle Fly also incorporates a social networking feature, Minkle Airport

What is Minkle Airport?

Minkle Airport is a discussion forum built on top of twitter. Using Minkle Airport you can ‘Check-in’ to various rooms originated around your current airport location or the airline you are travelling with and engage in discussions with fellow passengers in the same room. The feature allows you to connect with other passengers, find someone to share a cab with, get flight updates and even gets tips and recommendations for places to check-out in your destination city.

Sounds good, but will Minkle Fly work on my phone?

Minkle is supported on Java enabled CLDC 1.0, MIDP 2.1 phones. A partial list of supported phones can be found here. We are working on preparing an exhaustive list of supported phones that support Minkle Fly. The surest way to know is to then try and install the app and do let us know if it succeeds or fails at As a rule of thumb Minkle is supported on most Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson phones costing above INR 6,000

Do I need a GPRS or data connection on my phone to use Minkle?

Minkle Fly requires a GPRS or Wi-Fi connection to work

What is GPRS?

GPRS stands for Global Packet Radio Service. It is the protocol over which mobile phones access the internet

GPRS can be activated on your phone by subscribing to a GPRS plan from your current telecom service provider

On subscribing to such a service you would be required to save some settings. Typically, your telecom service provider would provide you such settings via an SMS which you would just need to store on your phone

On saving the settings you can then access the internet on your phone. Option to choose activate said GPRS connection would appear on your phone whenever you try to access any internet based service. Options provided would read as ‘XYZ Live’ or ‘XYZ Mobile Connect’ (XYZ being your Telecom Service Provider)

What will it cost me to use Minkle Fly?

Minkle Fly is absolutely free to download and use. The only charges that you bear are those of your GPRS / Data plan. Hence, in case you have an limited data pack, your use of Minkle Fly on SMS is absolutely free

OK, now I have to try this out for myself. How do I download Minkle Fly?

We offer two options to download Minkle Fly:

1. Go to and click on the ‘Get Minkle Now’ button. You would be taken to a Download page. Select your phone make and model and submit your phone number
You shall receive an SMS with the link to download the application. Click on that link to open an browser window on your phone. Follow the on-screen steps to download and install the app.

2. Open directly from your phone browser and follow the quick on-screen steps to download and install Minkle Fly

What is an IVR??

Currently payment on Minkle Fly can be made only via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. On confirming details of your flight, you shall receive a call from an automated IVR system requiring you to enter your credit card details.

On successful payment, the ticket details are fetched to your phone and can be seen under the My Bookings option on the app

Pop-ups during installation! Don’t worry :)

During the installation process you may receive certain pop-ups regarding Security warning or un-certified application. Kindly dismiss the same by pressing OK or continue.

Minkle is completely safe to use and has been rigorously tested on a host of phone prior to launch with each individual file being probed for errors prior to your download

We are also in the process of getting certified by different handset manufacturers to avoid showing the messages

I need help downloading and installing Minkle

If you need any assistance in installing or using Minkle, to do not be afraid to give us a shout. We offer round the clock assistance on any issue being faced by our users and can be reached at 091 – 961 999 4923

I installed Minkle Fly. Where do I find it on my phone?

Minkle Fly can be found under the ‘Applications’, ‘My Applications, ‘Games’ or ‘Java World’ folder on your phone.

How secure is Minkle Fly?

Minkle Fly offers the highest security options possible. Minkle Fly is integrated with Cell Next solutions for the IVR payment gateway offered in association with ICICI Payseal services.

The secure payment gateway is PCI-DSS certified and is compliant with all RBI, VISA and Mastercard guidelines on data security. The IVR uses DTMF encoding to encode and detect key taps and is secure from being hacked or overhead

We respect your privacy and ensuring that Minkle does not store your credit card details on the application or on its server.

Minkle will not share your personal information with anyone without your permission - other than with those partners who are integral to the booking process, namely and the payment gateway

How do I contact you?

We can be contacted at anytime at 091- 961 999 4923 or at

So whether it be for feedback, complaints, technical issues or just to catch up! Do give us a shout, we would love to hear from our users

Caveats to using Minkle Fly

While Minkle Fly is arguably one of the smartest flight booking apps in the Indian market, there are a few caveats that we would like to appraise you of.
Minkle Fly currently does not support round trip bookings and does not offer access to any of the promotional offers given by

Having said that, Minkly Fly would be coming out with its own set of promotional offers soon, to give your flight booking experience that extra 'Zing' .