We are here to do just one thing - Build awesome mobile apps!

The Indian mobile app aficionado is a starved individual. While he has felt the power of the medium with some quality apps like Snaptu, eBuddy or Opera Mini, designed by foreign players, he is yet to find an app focusing on services relevant to Indian consumers, which comes even close. We are here to fix exactly that.

Lexicographically, "Presentation", "Playfulness", "Security" and "Content" are all ranked equally in our dictionary. Packaging a compelling visual and playful experience in our apps is at least as important to us as delivering the service in the most intuitive manner possible, if not more.

Our every endeavour revolves around the single minded mission to focus on 'Caring' for the Stakeholder - in our case the User and our Partners

Too lazy to make it down the quintessential garage, the Minkle founders started working on the idea in the drawing room of their apartment itself, in 2009, surviving on Cutting Chai and Samosas.

Minkle, is the brand name propogated by Unicorn Mobile Technologies Private Limited. The Company is based in Mumbai and promoted by a team of IIT - IIM alumni holding diverse backgrounds in the fields of Web 2.0, mobile-technologies, supply chain management, consumer goods, finance and media.

Minkle Team

Pinaki gave up chasing trucks as an Operations Manager at an FMCG company to "Make Meaning". Responsible for bringing the Minklaks together he is the chief ideator at Minkle. He handles strategy, and is the architect of the Minkle Mobile Apps. He is an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Kozhikode and is an ex-Mariconian and ex-Infoscion.
Pocha (Ashish), with the spirit of a freedom-fighter could not find solace working under rules in the corporate environment. Before being chief technical Minklak he was a successful freelancer and had been associated with a few startups as well. A Google Code Jammer and an electrical engineer from IIT Madras he has two patents to his credit. He is the architect of the Minkle server and is ex-Siemens and ex-Elina.

KT (Kartik) is the chief deal-maker at Minkle. Been an investment banker and done that KT decided to join the party at Minkle as the front-man. He currently handles Business Development and Communications and has been on a rampage signing deals since he formally started off. He has Corporate Finance experience in the Media and Clean Tech sector and is an alumnus of IIM Kozhikode and has previously worked at o3 Capital and Rochem Separation Systems.

Investors and Advisors

The Minklaks are fortunate enough to have the great guys (and girl!) at The Morpheus as limited co-founders, mentors, advisers and investors in our venture.

A gang of serial entrepreneurs and around 40 startup founders and growing. With a belief that India's startups are coming of age and will have a significant impact on economy in 5 years from now. Morpheus is trying to make a small contribution towards "India's startup revolution", with a Business Acceleration Program (BAP) for talented, progressive and young startups designed to guide startups through this treacherous phase